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The Black Tears at the Soundhouse, 8th April  [- Hide]

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The Black Tears at the Soundhouse, 8th April

As reported by Kevin Gaughan

An under-capacity crowd in the Soundhouse tonight with some fine bands on show. I've heard good things about Haich and so was looking forward to seeing if they stand up to the hype that precedes them. Final Coil were new to me, and the Black Tears, I loved them in their previous line-up, but this was to be their first headline gig with the new bass and lead guitarists. Interesting times...

Then, The Black Tears, a four piece from Nuneaton and a favourite of 'Arts In', having gone through recent changes with a new lead guitarist, Jacob Beaumont and KD on bass but still with Lischana up front on vocals, enthusiasm, charisma and even more vocals, I was curious to see if they still had the hallmark The Black Tears sound that I've always loved.

What unfolded before me was The Black Tears UNLEASHED! The previous incarnation of the band had pulsating guitars with fantastic solos, great solid rock sounds but Lischana always seemed a little subdued, not any more, my friends, this was The Black Tears featuring Lischana Lane!

With Barney on drums and cymbals, doing a quality job, as always, timing perfect, but not in the background, by any means, guitarists ripping up the rear, but the voice, oh the voice - ear splitting but on a level of ecstacy, only enhanced by the Soundhouse' fantastic sound system. This was a force to be reckoned with, I just wish there were enough people for a decent mosh-pit because it was all there, the whole damned lot, the guitars, the attitude, the sounds and the voice. Which is testament to a professional band as there were only about 30 people in the 'house, but they still put on a fantastic show, as if they were performing to a packed O2 arena.

The Black Tears, welcome back!