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The Black Tears – Golds Worth Lead (rock/ grunge)

released, 2011, DD single, 7m 2s


Lischana Lane’s modulated, swaggering vocals stalk across the vistas of The Black Tears’ soundscapes like they own the place. She has a cocksure delivery that is backed up to the hilt by her tone and control, for a pretty much perfect alternative rock vocal sound.

The band sound is propulsive and powerful, with fat, dirty guitars, and a rock solid scaffold of bass and drums. There’s nothing in this that would have sounded out of place a couple of decades ago, but I doubt the band would see that as a problem. These are two excellent songs, played with self-confidence and panache, and a sound that sits right on the line between slick and raw. Music this exciting is bound to be killer live, but this single is a good way to remind yourself why you need to go and see The Black Tears.

By Oliver Arditi